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Tailored and Targeted Training Sessions with Impact and Results You Can Count on!

Let us bring our inspiring workshops to your next conference, town hall meeting, or school. Read below for a few of our most popular topics we offer.

Adolescent Development

Many of us are challenged by the behavior of our teens. What is considered normal behavior given their level of development? Are my parental expectations realistic? How much freedom should I allow them? How much guidance do they still require? When do I need to seek professional intervention? Parents will have an opportunity to discuss their challenges with raising teens and will have a chance to explore all of the above issues with guided advice from our professionals. Email us for details.


The Positive Discipline Way

Parenting can be a challenge for most parents. Many parents must manage careers and family time while maintaining an even-keel demeanor. How can parents raise children who become responsible, self-sufficient, contributing members of society? How can parents accomplish these goals without parenting like a drill sergeant or a permissive parent? Parents will have an opportunity to learn proven parenting techniques from a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Email us for details.


Impact of Trauma on Behavior

Children who have joined foster and adoptive families due to abuse and neglect exhibit many challenging behaviors. They do not behave like children who have been raised in secure, nurturing and safe environments, and parents can sometimes have difficulty making the transition into a loving authority figure with children of trauma. Can traditional parenting techniques work with children who have traumatic histories? What can I do to eliminate behaviors such as, aggression, stealing, hoarding, and defiance? How do I help them to develop healthy, loving relationships? Be prepared to take on a “whole new approach” to parenting. Email us for details.


Parent Resource Connection, The Panel

In a convention or meeting setting, there is often a need for not just one expert, but several on parent/child issues. Our expert panel allows you to select up to four experts from our speakers panel for a power-packed session on topics that directly benefits your organization.  Our panel is customized and can be tailored to any venue. Email us for details.


Customized Training

We provide tailored and targeted training focused on you or your organization! Depending on your needs, we can curate and arrange customized training sessions, incorporating specialized topics in addition to any of our current PRC trainings.

These customized training sessions are available upon request. For more information and pricing, please email us about your training needs and interests and we will get back to you.