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About Parent Resource Connection

Parent Resource Connection is your total solution for all things parenting and child related. Our speakers and experts have over 50 years of combined clinical social-work experience, including the training and knowledge to help people handle sensitive family situations such as blended families, foster parenting, single parent families, adoption, and divorce, just to name a few. Our mission is to educate and prepare adults for healthy relationships with their children, no matter what the beginning circumstances. Parent Resource Connection can create community workshops tailored to the needs of your church, civic organization or convention/meeting.

Parent Resource Connection was created by Gwen Washington due to the strong passion she has for organizations that have sought her help in seeking next-level workshops, clinical social-work expertise for families, as well as healthy solutions for helping today’s children.

“Our team of speakers and experts are here to impact lives by providing the necessary resources that create strong families and healthy individuals. We are here to serve every client who is seeking the strategies that make a difference and change lives.”

– Gwen Washington, LCSW, Executive Director Parent Resource Connection

Gwen Washington is a sought after trainer, speaker and expert on parenting and child-related issues. She knows the importance of targeting and tailoring messages, family sessions and workshops that appeal to a variety of client needs and interests.

If you would like our help on a parental/child-related topic, we can create the best learning experience for any individual or organization. Contact us to schedule a training workshop.

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